Lagun is a quite village, located on the west coast of Curaçao, about 25 to 40 kilometres from Willemstad. It's a unique location, an authentic fisherman's village, where you reside in the middle of the local population.

The village is next to a small bay, where the fishermen go out everyday to return whit fresh fish. This fish can also be bought straight from the fishermen. Next to the bay is a small beach, where there are some trees to provide some nice shade. There is also a small shop and nice and calm water, perfect for snorkelling. Don't expect some wild party area of tourist attractions in this village, it's more a pure and quiet piece of Curaçao.

Nearby you'll find a dive school, at about 300 meter distance a local mini market and at about 400 meter distance a Chinese takeout. At approximately 10 minutes of driving distance you'll find a diner, where you can get today's special as well as pizza's. Within 3 minutes of walkingdistance there's a dive-restaurant with some lovely dishes. At a distance of a few kilometres you'll find two large supermarkets and on a short distance some lovely beaches, Santa Cruz, Playa Jeremi and Knip bay. The last of these beaches can be considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of Curaçao.

Willemstad as well as Hato International Airport are located at about 20 minutes of driving distance. There is also a bus which drives from Willemstad and back, twice a day.